Wood Samples

There many different color stains and paints available to give your cabinetry the finish you desire. Below are a few wood samples with a clear lacquer finish.

We can assist you in deciding the type of wood that will be right for your environment. After the wood has been chosen , then we will assist you in finding the correct color stain/paint with a few visuals of the actual stain/paint on the wood sample.

Cherry Unfinished

Cherry Finished

Mahogany Unfinished

Mahogany Finished

Maple Unfinished

Maple Finished

Natural Birch Unfinished

Natural Birch Finished

Pine Unfinished

Pine Finished

Red Oak Unfinished

Red Oak Finished

Teak Unfinished

Teak Finished

Walnut Unfinished

Walnut Finished


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Wood Samples