Homeowner Care and Maintenance

1) Clean the cabinetry with a damp cloth using a mild liquid detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, as these will prove harmful to the finish. Wipe off any excess moisture immediately.

2) Once every four to six weeks, apply a liquid furniture wax to all wood surfaces. After allowing the product to be absorbed into the wood, wipe off excess wax. Thermafoil products do not require furniture polish.

3) Be sure to keep excess moisture away from the cabinet finish and all hinge and drawer hardware, especially around sink and dishwasher areas.

4) For continued ease of operation, we recommend periodic lubrication of hinge and drawer rollers and glides with a silicone based lube or spray. Do not forget to cover and protect all items stored in the cabinets prior to the use of any lubricants.

5) Do not use any products containing lacquer thinner or abrasives in the course of cleaning your cabinetís exterior or interior surfaces.

6) Avoid the overloading of cabinets and drawers. Weight in excess of manufactured tolerances may cause severe damage to your cabinets and drawer hardware.

7) Hood fans should be used whenever cooking on your cook top. This helps to prevent exposure of your cabinets to excessive heat.